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Scrum Training – Learn about the Scrum Framework

Professional Scrum Training from an experienced practising Scrum Master. This course is suitable for anyone interested in understanding and adopting the Scrum framework for product development. A 2 day, comfortably paced course, that mixes practical and theory exercises to create a fun and information packed schedule. With some of the time free to be tailored […]

Scrum for Recruiters – How to hire Scrum Masters

Hiring Scrum Masters, how do you understand the good from the bad? he Hiring of Scrum Masters is fraught with lack of understanding from candidates and clients. Confusing roles like ‘Agile Project Manager/Scrum Master’ or ‘Development Lead/Scrum Master’ are becoming more prevalent. Finding the right people for your client is a simple task, and where […]

Cancelling out Broken Scrums

Does the team(s) in your Scrum or Agile implementation or look like this? Ok so ignore the first major alarm bell of the ‘Agile Project Manager, that’s a whole other blog. Read the titles again, have you hired for or do you have these positions for your agile implementation? Hang on though it isn’t working, […]

Simple TDD Game

Simple game to show the benefits of TDD to anyone, technical or not. You’ll need the following. We play 2, 1 minute rounds, the first of which is as follows. Round 1 – Test After Development (TAD) simulation. Get people to work as a pair. In this round, have the first person responsible for creating […]

Scrum Gathering London 2011

Scrum Gathering London 2011 Would your team survive a zombie apocalypse?   his was something I was keen to explore, how could I combine my passion for the Zombie genre, gaming and Scrum into something that could be used to help people understand what makes teams tick. Ever since my days as a soldier in […]

Injury Time

friend of mine contacted me last week for advice. The “project management” had decided to adjust the length of the current sprint due to a number of ‘days being lost’. He wanted my thoughts on it. I found it curious at first, I can understand the point of view that you want a 10 day […]

Product Owner, trust the sat nav

his weekend I had a packed schedule. Following a heavy night out having dinner with friends, my wife, daughter & I were supposed to attend another friends daughters christening at 09:45 on Sunday (who does them so early?). So my goal is to reach my destination on time, especially as we were late to the […]