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What is a Scrum Master?

What is a Scrum Master?

  Scrum Master? What are they? What do they do? There are many blog posts around on this topic. Many of them I agree with, but I wanted to take a stab at it myself. You see I am a Scrum Master, it’s one of the ways I define myself. So to all intents and […]

Simple TDD Game

Simple game to show the benefits of TDD to anyone, technical or not. You’ll need the following. We play 2, 1 minute rounds, the first of which is as follows. Round 1 – Test After Development (TAD) simulation. Get people to work as a pair. In this round, have the first person responsible for creating […]

You sunk my methodology!

Agile Games – Battleships     his is a game I use to introduce people to iterative development. The aim is to help the players to understand that upfront large plans are pointless the minute they are created. Helmuth (quoted above), for me, was one of the first proponents of an iterative approach. He didn’t […]