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Transparency Within Your Team

Today we’re lucky to have the opportunity to let a fellow member of the agile community guest blog for us. Out guest blogger is Agile Coach, Luis Gonçalves. Here is is take on creating transparency in agile teams. Transparency Within Your Team During my career, I had the opportunity to help several teams. All these teams […]

What is a Scrum Master?

What is a Scrum Master?

  Scrum Master? What are they? What do they do? There are many blog posts around on this topic. Many of them I agree with, but I wanted to take a stab at it myself. You see I am a Scrum Master, it’s one of the ways I define myself. So to all intents and […]

The Tyranny of Measurement – Bad Targets

Cheating isn’t bad, targets are bad! You are probably cheating, somewhere in your life you are cheating. Some of this cheating is the good kind, and some isn’t. What’s interesting is it’s mostly driven by one thing. Targets. Bear with me, this does have relevance to Agile, eventually. Throughout all walks of life we’re beset […]

Scrum Gathering 2012

I’ve recently attended the Scrum Gathering 2012 in Atlanta, GA. I’d presented at the previous on in London and was delighted to be accepted to speak again in Atlanta. I enjoy the sense of community and shared values I find at the Scrum Gathering, lots of interesting people with interesting points of view. The event […]

Blame the workman, not the tool

We’re doing scrum but we don’t do retrospective’.. or We’re doing scrum but we don’t worry about ‘done’ at the end of a sprint because we’re still adding value… These are actual statements from both a working Scrum Master and a non related Scrum Team. So what? what’s wrong with that? we’re still agile right? […]

Scrum Training – Learn about the Scrum Framework

Professional Scrum Training from an experienced practising Scrum Master. This course is suitable for anyone interested in understanding and adopting the Scrum framework for product development. A 2 day, comfortably paced course, that mixes practical and theory exercises to create a fun and information packed schedule. With some of the time free to be tailored […]

Scrum for Recruiters – How to hire Scrum Masters

Hiring Scrum Masters, how do you understand the good from the bad? he Hiring of Scrum Masters is fraught with lack of understanding from candidates and clients. Confusing roles like ‘Agile Project Manager/Scrum Master’ or ‘Development Lead/Scrum Master’ are becoming more prevalent. Finding the right people for your client is a simple task, and where […]