Product Owner, trust the sat nav

This weekend I had a packed schedule. Following a heavy night out having dinner with friends, my wife, daughter & I were supposed to attend another friends daughters christening at 09:45 on Sunday (who does them so early?). So my goal is to reach my destination on time, especially as we were late to the christening of their last child. I know Bristol well, and had to get from the centre to Henleaze via Hanham to pick up my daughter from the babysitter (my folks). No problem, or so I thought, firstly if you saw some MORON in a black Audi driving around the route of the half marathon, that was me. As I don’t live in Bristol anymore I had no clue it was on and the hotel gave us no warning either, so huge thanks to the Bristol Half Marathon marshals for letting me escape and not have to wait for the race to be over. Bear with me because it gets worse, after getting to my parents and getting my daughter squared away for the christening (looking lovely for all of 3 seconds until an errant gust of wind), the route I would normally have taken turned out to be closed for resurfacing. ARGH! This left me with what I thought was my last resort option of taking a stupidly circuitous route via the M4/5. I decided I’d see what Sat nav suggested, and by this time we were perilously close to being late AGAIN!. The route it chose wasn’t one I’d have thought of, it was an area I wasn’t very familiar with, and I almost turned it off, BUT, it suggested that this route would get me at 09:39, barely minutes to spare, I looked at my wife and she gave me permission to go for it. We arrived at the church, via he dulcet tones of my Germanic navigator at exactly 09:39.. gobsmacked, this thing knew better than I, I’d lived there for years. I was so pleased at getting there on time (I hate being late), that I’ve used my sat nav all weekend.

How does this relate to Scrum or Agile?

Well, my mission was to get to the Church on time, and rather be all command and control and demand I knew the best way to achieve it, I trusted someone else to guide me, with great success. So Product Owners, stakeholders, “agile project *cough* managers”, trust your teams, they really do know how to achieve your goal better than you. Don’t employ satnav just to ignore its advice

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