Agile Coaching


What is Agile?

Simply put – we see Agile methodology as localized, small-scale, bespoke or proprietary techniques that help your team(s) deliver high quality software to your customers on a frequent basis.

How we understand the Agile definition:

Adaptagility view Agile principles as the result of an erosion of influence from major schools of project management and product development; through an eclectic mix of individuals, organisations or small groups of practitioners who assemble concepts and techniques into their own personal bricolage. Thus creating a set of interlocking local knowledges rather than a universal theory.

We don’t believe in a single universal theory that can be applied as a blanket across the industry; we’re not convinced that you can do this across an organisation or even between two teams. Why? The obvious answer… people. Different teams include different people and they’ll all have diverse thoughts and feelings about the best way to maximise their value to the organisation.

Agile Coaching, how can we help you?

At Adaptagility we are committed to helping those individuals and teams realise their potential. Agile principles exist to enable a more content and productive team, so your customers can benefit from swifter and smarter outcomes.

Using structured conversations in a collaborative, results-orientated and systematic approach, we endeavor to facilitate the enhancement of work performance, life experience, self-directed learning and personal growth of the people, teams and companies we partner with. The Agile model uses educational, motivational and consultative methods with the aim of helping the coachee(s) to learn rather than just be taught.

We are not aligned to a particular framework or agile methodology. We don’t have a boilerplate, one size fits all, magic wand approach, and we haven’t fabricated an ingeniously named method that leaves you in a worse or unaltered state and severely out-of-pocket. We’ll simply listen to your teams, work with them to help them solve their challenges, and help create an agile environment where their personal goals can align to those of the organisation.

We’ve successfully integrated agile principles within companies such as Twitter, BSkyB, Hibu & The Civil Service. Take a peek at what our clients say.

Agile coaching can help create happier more productive teams for a more positive and effective business. Come and talk to us about how we can help you.

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