About Adaptagility

James Scrimshire is the Director of Adaptagility – providing inspired agile training and coaching to businesses and individuals working in the software industry. When James secured a programming role in 1997, he left his calling in the armed forces to pursue a career in the IT industry. In 2007 James was introduced to agile via the Scrum framework, and was immediately captivated by the innovative methods of coaching professionals to help them find their motivation.


James is an accomplished speaker who has presented at major international conferences across the UK, Europe and US. He regularly communicates the benefits of a team leader who understands the complexity of technical projects, rather than an individual purely and simply focused on the project plan.

James combines a range of pioneering elements to help businesses improve their agility: team dynamics, cognitive behavioural coaching, leadership coaching, systems thinking, scrum, agile and kanban, metaphor, games and creative collaboration techniques. He infuses revolutionary thinking through the enjoyment of games to generate discussions and insights that will present clear direction for any technical project.

He adopts the principles of empowerment, autonomy, mastery and purpose and has successfully integrated these values into the agenda of worldwide organisations such as Twitter, BSKYB (Now TV), Hibu (formerly Yell) RBS and Natwest, Monitise and Ericsson.

With over 15 years’ experience in the IT industry and 7 years’ experience as a practitioner of agile methodologies, James has successfully improved the capability of many organisations to deliver valuable outcomes and enhance customer satisfaction. He is committed to providing leadership through example, guidance and innovation in order to promote close collaboration between teams.

What our clients and peers say


Tobias Mayer

Human Systems Coach at Yahoo

James is one of the most inspiring people I’ve had the pleasure to talk with. Although we haven’t formally worked together we have sought opportunities to engage in dialog, both in person and electronically. James’s ideas are ahead of most of his peers, as well as far-reaching. He always offers intriguing food for thought, drawing ideas from many disciplines, both academic and business-oriented, and seeks ways to apply them in his work as an Agile coach. The IT world needs more explorers like James, and I have no hesitation in recommending him as someone who’ll get you to think, and act, in new, surprising, and ultimately successful ways.

Geoff Watts

Servant-Leadership Coach

James is a great agile coach, someone who combines a number of key factors including a depth of knowledge, sharp agile instincts and a great desire to help his clients be successful. I fully trust and respect James and would have no hesitation recommending him to any company looking for some support and guidance on the their agile journey

Stuart Plumbley

Agile Web Developer at BSkyB

I could say many things about James, like how talented a coach he is, or how thorough is his knowledge of agile techniques instead I will simply say James lives and breaths agile. He has an amazing way of making anyone and everyone understand why we follow agile methodologies.

I would love to work with James again, he is sorely missed in the team he helped to build.

Hemini Mehta (PhD)

Director, Panna Consultancy Ltd

James is a scrum master that is a true agilist. He motivated his team to work productively through innovative agile techniques. He enjoys learning and implementing new agile methods. I learned a great deal from working beside him. If you are looking for a agile guru, then James is definitely the right person for the role.

Maebh O’Carra

Director of Development at Hibu

James joined our team a year ago and had a massive effect on it from day one. He is an extremely approachable and likeable person, but mostly he seemed to know exactly how to get the team performing at it’s potential. He never once told the team what to do our how or to manage itself, but was able to subtly give direction where needed, had ideas and techniques for every issue and was a fantastic sound board for the team.
Within one year the team was transformed completely into a highly performing well oiled machine. We went from manual testing to prototyping an automated testing tool, building up an extensive library for the testing tool and rolling this out across other teams. Defects discovered outside the sprint window are now extremely rare. Overall the productivity of the team soared.
Most of all, James engendered a fantastic camaraderie within the team. He will be sorely missed.

Andy Phillips

Business Change Advisor at Companies House

It’s immediately obvious the James is that the forefront of his field, but for me his best assset is his ability to communicate technical information in a way easily digested by those of us that are less technical. Not only is James easy to communicate with, his experience and Agile ideology improved the way we worked together. Not only was our ‘process’ more simple and efficient, it didn’t cost anything to implement. It’s easy to see why his talents are sought after by major companies. 


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