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  • Process, Control and Safety Behaviour

    I was reminded this morning of a pattern of behaviour I saw at a client once. Every time a mistake was made in a process the instant reaction was for managers to introduce a new process to prevent the mistake ever happening. The think that reminded me was a conversation I was having with a colleague […]

  • Transparency Within Your Team

    Today we’re lucky to have the opportunity to let a fellow member of the agile community guest blog for us. Out guest blogger is Agile Coach, Luis Gonçalves. Here is is take on creating transparency in agile teams. Transparency Within Your Team During my career, I had the opportunity to help several teams. All these teams […]

  • User Stories or User Wishes? – Can narrative help build products?

    I have a problem with user stories, I don’t see many well written user stories, I often just see a bunch of wishes expressed parrot fashion. What? Does that sound like Scrum treason or Agile anarchy? Good. This has bothered me for a while, but before I go on let me just say I don’t […]